What sets Carpe Diem Photo Studios apart from the rest of the world of photography is the quality of our staff. Our team of seasoned professionals is made up of the very best you can find in the industry. This workforce covers decades of photography experience with specializations that meet any business and personal need you can dream of. With an eye for art, beauty and all things that make photography unique, we guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Albert Howard

Albert has been an artist through out his career. From music and culinary arts, to set design and photographic renderings. He has worked on music videos, short films, TV, editorials, advertising, catalogues and art directing projects for the last 15 years. He has developed a passion for his craft merging all his talents together. He and his wife embark on a photographic journey in Carpe Diem Photo Studios, a full top of the line studio with advantages not found in others studios, which is full time in house designers.

Leticia Howard

Leticia is an accomplished prop stylist and interior designer with an innovative appreciation for her craft. As a professional, she has developed her style by working on many projects that have challenge her creative drive and agility. Leticia has experience working in print, digital, film, commercials and residential design. Her styles transforms any space into a new and exiting realm of timeless indulgence. Her keen eye and distinctive approach to detail, express her true desire to represent the clients vision to its up most manner. She truly enjoys and respects her craft and makes one appreciate the beauty in design.